Christian Pearson / Grade 10

Where I’m From, Where I Am Now

Long, strong eyelashes

Reaching back to the young Egyptian King Tut.

Knowing, chocolate-brown eyes from Frederick Douglas,

Seeing liberated lands in the words, interdimensional portals.

I exude the boldness of Harriet Tubman

My stature not enough to contain my iron will.

Christian Pearson / Grade 10

Bret Lunder / Grade 11


I wonder why you hold me back and why you insist I keep quiet while absorbing all the noise around me, letting the painful whispers behind me affect me. Every other part of me has the urge to move forward with the momentum of a runner pushing through the plastic ribbon that is the finish line.

Bret Lunder / Grade 11

Ernest Johns / Grade 7


I am everywhere

It’s just to bright to see me

I’m in your shadows

I’m in your dreams

if you get lost in me

it will make you scream.

you can see me at night

I will surely give you a fright.

Ernest Johns / Grade 7