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Check out the September 6 issue of City Paper, “A view of our city through profiles, poetry, and prose from Writers in Baltimore Schools.” The issue is filled with work that 19 of our young writers created during our 6th annual Baltimore Young Writers’ Summer Studio, with the guidance of Brandon Soderberg, City Paper Editor-in-Chief, and […]

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By Sahara Page

The 2010-2011 school year was the beginning of a beautiful writing journey for me. Writers in Baltimore Schools came into my classroom and opened my mind to a whole different experience of writing — one I’d never had before. They taught me how to go deeper in my writing, use imagery,

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A Welcome from Rejjia Camphor


A gathering is where it started:

I see black and brown faces talking about

white missionaries who think a bullet can save

me from my blackness,

from myself.


And I feel at home as ever because I thought

I was the only one because that is what

society teaches you.

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Welcome to our new website!

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Afiya Ervin / Grade 12

I’ve finally started writing


I’ve never written about this topic because the silence

Of my pen will never be as strong, never be as deep, never

Be as stifling as the moment of silence from a mother.


I’ve never written about this topic because I’m afraid.

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