A Welcome from Rejjia Camphor


A gathering is where it started:

I see black and brown faces talking about

white missionaries who think a bullet can save

me from my blackness,

from myself.


And I feel at home as ever because I thought

I was the only one because that is what

society teaches you. Loneliness.


But pain can find a gathering of people and

a gathering of people can make a community


where words remember spirits once spoken

and give thanks to them for being, for knowing

that even when we don’t see the sun,

and we all blend into the night,

we have each other to lean on and continue to fight/write.


Welcome to Writers in Baltimore Schools.

May this place be a second home for you as it was for me



Rejjia Camphor is a sophomore at Hampshire College, and a 2016 graduate of Baltimore City College High School and Writers in Baltimore Schools.