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By Sahara Page

The 2010-2011 school year was the beginning of a beautiful writing journey for me. Writers in Baltimore Schools came into my classroom and opened my mind to a whole different experience of writing — one I’d never had before. They taught me how to go deeper in my writing, use imagery, use grammar properly, and most importantly introduced me to a whole world of writers that faced many of the same problems with their writing that I did. And we have wonderful teachers to help us with those problems. Whether it’s the poet whiz Shangrila, or the hard but loving Will, if you needed help or were stuck they were there for you.

I have attended the  WBS Writers’ Studio every summer since it  began except for one. That year, I felt sooo incomplete without my week with WBS. Sometimes that week is all kids have to look forward to that summer–it’s their vacation. They know in WBS they will get positive vibes, fun times, new friends, and awesome writing tips. Leaving camp with a finished product is always the goal, but I love it because when I’m home I don’t even know what a finished product is. The WBS Studio has always been a big part of my life, and I hope it continues.

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Sahara Page at our very first Writers’ Studio in 2012.