Students’ original play featured in the Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun featured the play written and performed by the WBS’s 8th grade workshop at Margaret Brent. Read the article below or on the Baltimore Sun’s website. Who stole the chicken? A group of seventh- and eighth-graders at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School wrote a play called “The Day Baltimore Ran out of Chicken.” “It

WBS receives Wachovia Cultural Grant

WBS received a Wachovia Cultural Grant from the Wachovia Wells Fargo foundation. This grant will support in-school workshops and after school creative writing clubs at Margaret Brent and Barclay schools for the 2010 – 2011 school year. The foundation supports programs that work to eliminate the pre-K – 12 achievement gap in education through public

Audacious Idea: Engaging kids through theater

WBS director Patrice Hutton blogs for the Open Society Institute’s Audacious Ideas about engaging students through creation and performance of original plays. Engaging kids through theater by Patrice Hutton Let’s give every student the chance to write and produce a play. This can happen in the language arts classroom or as part of an after-school